South Island Rowing has put in place safety procedures and controls to manage the risks associated with Covid-19 at the Meridian Rowing Centre. Cooperation is required by all of those who visit and use the facility to ensure that we can continue to enjoy the sport of rowing at Lake Ruataniwha.

Use of information

Information you provide to SIR may be shared with appropriate authorities for the purposes of contact tracing only. The information is required by health order to be held by the event host (SIR) for 2 months following the event. After 2 months all information will be deleted. Information will be only be shared in the circumstance of a COVID-19 outbreak in the local area or within participants at the event.

Traffic Light System

As signalled by the Government, should sufficient levels of vaccination be achieved, NZ or the South Island may move away from the current alert level frame work to the Traffic Light System. As currently framed under this system events have the ability to move away from gathering limits of 100 if the event is limited to those vaccinated.

SIR, CRA, ORA, MRA and SRA are committed to running events with as minimal restrictions as possible. Therefore, upon implementation of the Traffic Light System the 2021 Otago Championships, 2022 Canterbury and South Island Championships will be limited to those vaccinated only, if doing so would allow fewer restrictions.

SIR and the Covid Regatta Committee are continually reviewing how the Government framework affects our Regattas and will keep our rowing community informed of any changes to protocols.

Please direct any questions to


Regatta days


All teams will be assigned to zones within gathering limits.

The only access to the facility is via vehicle (no access by bicycle or on foot). As teams are required to stay away from their zone when not competing, entire teams arriving by bus is not possible. Passes will be allocated to individuals for each zone. No Pass, No Entry, No Exception.


Teams are required to appoint a Covid Officer who must fill in the following documentation.

(1) Team Contact Register. This will be used to issue passes for entrance into the venue and will be used as an official record for health purposes

(2) Away from venue level 2 compliance template. This is required to ensure your team is aware of and has plans in place to comply with Level 2 in Twizel away from the controlled environment at the venue. 

Squads will be locked via Rowit three weeks prior to an event, so that zones can be allocated. There will be no changes to entry closing dates. No Composites will be accepted via Rowit, composites will be Zone only after entries close.

Each entity will be allocated a maximum additional passes based on the number of competitors as set out in the table below.

EntrantsAdditional Passes
< 52

Support staff will need to include drivers of competitors into the complex. This may mean that entities need to appoint a driver to do drop offs from the gate to the zone.

Training Camps/Non-Regatta days


All teams will be assigned to zones within gathering limits.

SIR requires all teams to pre-notify their intention to train at Lake Ruataniwha. This is to ensure that an adequate number of zones and associated facilities (e.g. toilets) can be set up prior to your arrival which will allow everyone to train safely under Alert Level 2. An amenity fee may need to be charged to cover the costs of providing this additional infrastructure (up to $5 per athlete per day). SIR will confirm this with teams in advance.

Teams undertaking training camps at the Meridian Rowing Centre MUST submit a Training Notification form three weeks prior to your arrival for camp. Any teams that have not pre-notified SIR will not have space allocated and will not have access to the course. 

The form and relevant safety information can be found at the link below: