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Regatta Report: 2023 NZ Masters Champs

The NZ Masters Champs for 2023 offered up challenging conditions for the nearly 300 competitors from across New Zealand and Australia. Racing wrapped up early on Sunday but teams were pleased that all rowers had chance at a racing despite the choppy water.

Chief Umpire Gary Wright reports on the weekend:

Considering ongoing maintenance in the boat park and a relatively modest turnout of participants, an alternative arrangement was implemented, permitting boat trailers to be parked in the designated spectator tent area. This arrangement was positively received by the rowers, who appreciated the chance to watch the races firsthand.

Adverse weather conditions posed a significant challenge during the event, demanding precise decision-making to ensure fairness in racing and prioritise athlete safety. We decided to bring the first block of Sunday’s racing forward to the Saturday afternoon due to the weather forecast but, in the end, the blustery weather didn’t permit. Despite the inclement weather, all athletes successfully participated in their respective races, a testament to their resilience and determination. The officials exhibited a high level of competence in fulfilling their roles, ensuring a smooth progression of the regatta. Notably, no protests were raised, and the regatta was almost completed as per schedule, with 20 races not completed.

We would like to express our gratitude to officials and volunteers for their efforts in making the regatta a success. Despite facing challenges related to communication and dependence on specific individuals, the NZ Master’s Championship Regatta was able to overcome adverse weather conditions and maintain a high level of athlete participation and officiating standards. Addressing the weaknesses identified, such as improving communication methods and succession planning, can contribute to the continued success of future regattas.

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