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Upcoming Regattas and the Covid-19 Protection Framework

As signalled by the NZ Government on November 17th, New Zealand, as a whole will move together to the Traffic Light System (TLS), with Auckland. This is likely to occur “quickly” after the government announcement scheduled for Monday 29th November.

SIR, CRA, ORA, MRA, and SRA are committed to running events with as minimal restrictions as possible. Therefore, upon implementation of the Traffic Light System the 2021 Otago Championships, 2022 Canterbury and South Island Championships may be limited to those vaccinated only, if doing so would allow fewer restrictions.

Currently, the TLS framework indicates:

– No part of NZ will move to Green straight away, so we will move to either Orange or Red.

The TLS imposes fewer restrictions on those vaccinated than the current alert level framework, but tougher restrictions on those unvaccinated.

– Under Orange, an event for vaccinated people only can be run with little to no gathering restrictions. An event not restricted to those vaccinated can be held, but with tougher restrictions than the current level 2 framework. 

– Under Red, an event for vaccinated people only can possibly be run with similar gathering restrictions as the current level 2 framework. An event not restricted to those vaccinated is not possible to run. 

Currently, the TLS framework does not indicate:

– Specifics around the interpretation of the TLS for Sport. 

– Under Red, it is not yet clear if regional travel would be allowed.

We don’t expect to know all the answers until around the 29th of November. 

Events that run under gathering restrictions are costly and in the long term, financially unsustainable to host. We have to be able to move away from these restrictions as soon as possible to protect the quality of experience of the event and to ensure the events can be financially feasible. 

In order to stay nimble, and to have the ability to react quickly to potential framework changes at the end of the month, we still require all participants for the Otago Championships to complete all the required level 2 documentation (this will be distributed to entrants once squads lock but are also currently available on the SIR website here). As you can see above, our current level 2 protocols may still have relevance in certain circumstances.

A reminder there are two deadlines this week on Friday 19th November

Squads for Otago Championships must be submitted and will be locked.

Training camps pre/post-Otago Championship MUST be notified:

More information around the format of the event will be distributed as the Government releases more information but this should not be expected until early December. 

As always, SIR thanks you for your patience and support!

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Regattas and the Covid-19 Protection Framework”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for your work on this, it has been a tricky time but I’m sure we can find a solution.

    For the Otgao champs, we are going to put in crews with Otago Rowing club. Yep am the coach of the Otago girls’ rowing club. We row with them as neighbours on Itago harbour and neither of us have enough rowers in the same age group.

    How do we ensure we get in the same zone so we can share boats, rowers and a trailer.

    1. Hi Matt, you are best to send an email to and make a request. Groups with small numbers are likely to be zoned by locality anyway but it won’t hurt for you to follow up with an email to make sure! Thanks 🙂

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