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Regatta Report: Meridian South Island Championships

All eyes were on Ruataniwha as the South Island Champions were crowned last weekend. Competitors from across NZ – Auckland (West End RC) to Riverton – joined us in Twizel for what has been the biggest regatta on the calendar so far this season and under restrictions imposed by the ‘red’ settings of the Traffic Light System.

The Avon RC Zone setup. Photo: Gabrielle Fuller

The Meridian Rowing Centre saw a few logistical changes implemented to ensure the safety of all competitors while under the red setting, including dividing participants into zones of no more than 100 people and access via vehicle only. This was well received by the rowing teams, particularly those along the edge of the race course who enjoyed being able to watch racing from their zones.

Chief Umpire Vanessa McIver summarises the weekend:

Well what a great regatta. The covid team did a brilliant job, ensuring all the right things were put in place, to allow this event to happen. Secondly, couldn’t happen without all the volunteers putting their hand up to help. They all ensured the regatta ran so smoothly for the two days. 

We had a slight delay with wind at the end of the program on Saturday and wind at the start of Sunday but 80% of the regatta was stinking hot weather and picture glass water.

So great to see the North Island crews do well and grab some medals.

A big thanks also goes to the rowers for keeping their areas clean, abiding by the rules and also limiting the amount of gatherings after the regatta days in the community as there was some nervousness, but as a whole the community loves having the rowing fraternity here and we very much look forward to the Nationals in a couple of weeks.

Photos courtesy of Sharron Bennett
Trophy winners:
W CLUB 2-Solveig Macrae  Trophy AvonC Kinder, S Pahlen
M CLUB 2-Ted Lindstrom Memorial TrophySt BedesL Hickling, M Glen
W CLUB 1X    Colin & Barbara Gill Trophy CureL Sim
W CLUB 1X    Colin & Barbara Gill TrophyDunstan ArmH Wilkinson
W NOV 8+   Twizel Community Trophy  Rangi Ruru Girls’ SchoolS Brown, E Coates, C O’Reilly, I Ward, A Willis, S Parker, H Abbott, I Jones + 
S O’Shannessey
M NOV 8+   Ruataniwha Trophy OamaruL Wright, Z Goodsir, H Weir, F Strang, C Marshall, 
J Rogers, S Hay, L McLaren + H Robinson
W OPEN 8+  C Saunders Trophy  Rangi Ruru Girls’ SchoolG Bethell, N Vance, A Wallis, P Wallis, C Muir, H Lill, 
P Porter, A Reid + A Wynn-Williams
M OPEN 8+ CE Saunders  Trophy   AvonS Shackleton, O Fahey, M White, H Pethers-Boak, 
S Horgan, T Cummack, O Taylor, W Johnston
+ G Fuller
M OPEN 2-   Mike McClelland Trophy   AvonF Watson, W Gilbert